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Cyprus Data Sim - O O Mobile

Cyprus Data Sim - O O Mobile

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OO Mobile Special Data Pack Sim features a low cost data pack valid 14 or 30 days. You can re-up to use it again and again. This particular “Data Pack” works in Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden. Enjoy high speed data and free incoming calls and sms. Add some extra for low cost calls and sms.  
One time sim cost is $5.00

Data Packs:
#1 14Dy 1GB $5.00
#2 30Dy 5GB $29.00

The OO Mobile Global Data Sim includes:

- A Sim or eSim with +372 Number.
- Data Packs available for 100 countries.
- Free Incoming texts Worldwide.
- Free Incoming calls in 169 countries.
- Outgoing calls from $0.35c/min.
- Use your Data Pack as you travel from country to country.
- Instead of dealing with a local sim and pesky expiration dates you have one sim card you can use again and again. With this one sim card, you will enjoy low cost (Free) incoming calls and text messages along with low cost outbound calls ($0.35c/min).

Let the other guy wait in line to get a sim while you chill with OO Mobile. Setup and test your sim before travel because it works everywhere. Place your order online and receive it before you go. We can forward ship to your marina via fedex for your arrival.


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