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USA Canada Mexico Sim

USA Canada Mexico Sim

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AT&T USA is the best USA sim.

This Plan includes Unlimited USA Talk, Unlimited USA / International Text messages to 100 countries and 4G / 5G High Speed Data.  The top plan supports 5G data.  These plans work in the USA / Canada / Mexico.  Yes this means you can use your plan included talk text and data in Canada and Mexico just like you are in the USA. Just turn roaming on while you are in Mexico and Canada.

Plan Talk/Text Data  Hotspot Cost
#1 UNL 15GB  Yes $50
#2 UNL UNL  No $75
#3 UNL UNL 10GB $85


Hotspot / Tethering is allowed on plan #1 and #3.

Offer Details / Inclusions:

1. AT&T Prepaid 3in1 or Nano Sim.
2. 30 Day plan.
3. Unlimited including talk, text, data in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Hotspot / Tethering:
Hotspot / Tethering is allowed on the AT&T USA Prepaid plan #1, #2 and #4.

Check Balance:

Dial *777# and press send.  Dial *777*3# and press send to check data balance.

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