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USA Data Only eSim - 20GB

USA Data Only eSim - 20GB

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Our USA  5G Data Only eSim with hotspot is the number one data eSim we offer.  

This sim supports 5G  data all across the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  This sim works perfectly in your eSim capable iPhone / Android / iPad / Tablet and yes it supports hotspot..  Best of all you can use it again and again by refilling the plan at least once every 12 months.


Plan Hotspot Data  Cost (USD)
7 Days Yes 1GB $10
30 Days Yes 3GB 


30 Days Yes 5GB 


30 Days Yes 10GB


30 Days Yes 20GB


iPad eSim Offer Inclusions:

- Global eSim for use in USA.
- Up to 5G High Speed Data.
- Mobile hotspot supported.
- Works with an openline phone / iPad / Tablet.
- Plan Runs 7 or 30 days and is renewable.
- Global Roaming allowed (Ask us how it works)

Coverage:  United States


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