Getting Ready For Jamaica this Winter!

Getting Ready For Jamaica this Winter!

So you have decided to take a trip to Jamaica.  The easy part is done.  You have booked your trip and told your friends and family.  Now its time to prepare for the trip of a lifetime... Jamaica Mon!

While there are lots of blogs focusing on trip preparation we want to focus on communication services while in Jamaica.  

Jamaica has two major cellular providers Digicel and Flow. Flow used to be Lime and before that Cable & Wireless.  Flow is the major landline provider providing landline. mobile, Internet and television. Digicel is a mobile operator providing mobile service along with internet and television.  

Digicel operates on the following frequencies:

GSM - 900/1800
UMTS - 2100(B1)
LTE - 850 (B5)

Flow operates on the following frequencies:

GSM - 1900
UMTS - 1900(B2)
LTE - 850 (B5)

Both carriers offer prepaid mobile service including internet service.  Mrsimcard exclusively offers Flow Jamaica Prepaid Sim cards with plans ranging from 5 days to 28 days long including unlimited local calls and text, international calling, unlimited social media and included internet bundles.  Get connected easily for $29 including service.

Order your Jamaica sim before you travel and have it shipped to you before you leave.  You can insert the sim before travel to test it in your unlocked phone.  This prevents surprises when you arrive Montego Bay.  The Flow Jamaica sim is an excellent choice for service in Jamaica.

Our Flow 5, 14, & 28 day plans include unlimited social media.  These SWIFT plans include unlimited (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).  Unlimited means you can use social media without consuming your plan data inclusion.  How cool.  

Make certain you have an unlocked smartphone.  CanadIan Smartphones are unlocked.  In the USA Verizon smartphones are unlocked.  AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint customer can call customer service to request unlock before travel.  

Get connected before you go with a local sim from @mrsimcard.  

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