Flow Grenada Sim Card

Flow Grenada Sim Card

Get yourself a local Flow Grenada 3in1 sim before you go to Grenada and connect at local rates upon arrival. This 3 in 1 sim works in your unlocked phone or wifi device.  Use the included cash for talk, text, data, or add a combo plan to take advantage of the high speed data network on island.  

The Brand New FLOW Grenada Sim includes:
- 7 day 3GB plan with 350 local Mins and sms messages. 
- Unlimited Free Incoming calls on the Grenada 473 number.
- Unlimited Free Incoming text on the Grenada 473 number.
- Unlimited Social (SWIFT) - Snap, WhatsApp, IG, FB, TW.

Give us a call and we will help get you sorted out.
Place your order online and receive it before you travel. We can ship to your hotel or marina via fedex for your arrival.

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Get connected before you go with a local sim from @mrsimcard.  

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